Join us for Picnic Under Raintree – May 21st, 2017.

The UCO is organizing its first hike and picnic of 2017! Come and join us as we hike into the Spring Mountains and into the bristlecone pine grottos, home of the famous 3,000 year old “Raintree.” Once we arrive at the site, we will unload a picnic and have some laughs. 1/3 mile further is Mummy Springs – a natural mountain spring with a lush meadow and stunning vistas of the valleys and ranges north of the Spring Mountains.

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“The Raintree” photo courtesy of

The hike to Raintree is moderate, to moderately strenuous. Total mileage is about 6 miles to and from our destination, with a total elevation gain of 1,400 ft. We encourage anyone to join in the fun with the caveat that there is a decent amount of physical exercise and stress involved. Hiking shoes, sun hats, sunglasses, sunblock, and plenty of water are all essential items each picnicker needs on this event. More detailed information on the hike can be found by visiting this website, and scrolling down to “Mummy Springs.”


Beefcake, the official Unizen Dog, looks out into the Spring Mountain Range at Mummy Springs

Unizen hikes are a chance for our community to come together and enjoy some fresh air. Our philosophy is to respect and admire the natural beauty; to utilize the day for conscious living; and to enjoy good eats and a few laughs. Anyone able to complete this hike is welcome to join us. Anyone unsure of their abilities can either challenge themselves, or join us next time for a more leisurely excursion.

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Mummy Spr & WHC Lp Elev

Possible loop route. Photo courtesy of


Fauna growing near Mummy Springs