A New Attitude

The “Inside-Out Paradigm” mentioned before is a philosophy of making decisions based upon a set of timeless principles.

What is this set of principles?

In the UCO, we believe the Unizens decide the answer to that question as a community. Today, our list looks like this:

click to view full resolution

values pie

When we take these concepts and allow them to

  • guide our thoughts,

  • protect our egos,

  • inform our questioning,

  • and empower our actions

we begin to make valuable decisions. That’s what it’s all about: Consistently making valuable decisions. In fact, that idea right there is so important, we are going to repeat it.

Consistently making valuable decisions.

But wait. There’s one idea missing here. It’s the glue in all of these principles. Let’s update this chart.

values pie+1

That’s right, “Love.”

It’s the same thing that prophets, teachers, leaders, and positively impactful people have been saying for the past 5,000 years. It was Jesus’s message, it was Gandhi’s message and it’s our message to you as well.

Let go of your inhibitions, don’t be afraid to do it, just love. Love people, love life, love every minute you have been given to breathe and be conscious. Love the good, and love the bad, love it all.

The Universal Citizens Organization’s role from here to facilitate people in coming to this understanding, and implement valuable decision making into the real world. Economics now comes into play, but that won’t be discussed until we are acquainted with you. That means we are going to prompt you again to register, because these concepts are getting bigger and more intricate. We want to make sure there is a discussion here, and not just lecturing.

So what are you waiting for?


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